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 Mini Profiles
 Posted: Jan 5 2016, 06:14 PM



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Sight Sound Touch Smell Taste

Mini Profiles
A Help Guide
You know the information in the left sidebar beside each post? The part that has your name, avatar image, and other information? That's the mini profile. Here at Crosstalk, you aren't required to put anything personal out for anyone to see. Obviously you have your username, and an avatar is recommended (the maximum size is 220 [width] x 350 [height]), but your location is optional. No other personal information is listed there.

However, there is an option to list the types of synesthesia you have. If you notice, mine has five types. I've listed them in order from my strongest/most prominent type (sight-syn) to my weakest/least prominent types (smell- & taste-syn). If you're so inclined, you may add yours as well, in any order, though strongest to weakest is suggested for consistency's sake.

To edit them, go under My Controls > Edit Profile. You'll see six drop-down boxes at the bottom of the next screen. This is the order your syn-types will be listed in. There are seven options: Concept, Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch, and a blank option ("None/No other types"). One by one, select the types of synesthesia you have and save your profile.

If you are not a synesthete or you do not have all six syn-types, it may be the case that not filling these drop-down boxes in results in "N/A" being listed up to six times. To remedy this, follow the steps below and choose the blank option for each of the six syn-type options.


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