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Crosstalk A Synesthesia Community

News 02/10 - Staff search has begun! | 02/01 - Through February 13th, you can submit your grapheme colors on our Tumblr. See Tumblr for details. | 01/17 - We're open! Come on in.

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Staff Brock

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 Staff Search!
 Posted: Feb 10 2016, 09:35 AM



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Staff Search!
February 10th, 2016
Hello, Crosstalkers and guests! I'm looking for two moderators to help out on the site and really get the ball rolling. Be sure to read all information before applying for a position. Thanks to all who apply!

— Brock

General Moderator

This person should be friendly and welcoming and willing to be an active member of the site. Responsibilities would include welcoming guests and new members, being active in the chat box, reply to threads, and beginning new topics. Previous moderating experience is a plus but is not required. This person should be able to commit some time to the site 4-5 days a week, if not everyday. Though having synesthesia is not a requirement, it's preferable that this person have a solid base of knowledge about synesthesia to better help guests and members. We don't want to mislead them or make anyone think synesthesia is a disorder or a disease.

Advertising Mod

This person would handle the incoming and outgoing site advertisements and affiliations according to the rules laid out in our forum. Where allowed, they would also be responsible for updating ads on directories (including forum and Tumblr ones.) Ads and affiliations should be handled a minimum of twice a week, preferably more. Ideally, this person would be an active member of the site as well. Having synesthesia is not a requirement for this position, nor is having a firm knowledge base about it, though that is always preferable.

Important Info

Remember, we always want to be friendly and patient, and we certainly always want to represent synesthesia in a positive light. It is not a disorder, a disease, or any other negative and misleading word like this. Anyone who cannot properly represent synesthesia to our community and those visiting it will not be accepted for the positions (especially the general moderator position); and any hired moderator found knowingly misleading or misrepresenting synesthesia and synesthetes will lose their position.

To Apply

Contact me in one of the following ways:

  1. Register on our site and PM me.

  2. Send our Tumblr an Ask/Message with your Tumblr account. No anonymous asks/messages, please.

For both ways of applying, please share:

  1. Any previous moderating experience

  2. If you have synesthesia or not (mostly I'm curious)

  3. What you know about synesthesia. This applies particularly to the general moderator, but the advertising moderator should still submit this part, too. This doesn't have to be a full, detailed list. I just need to see that you understand what synesthesia is.

    I may ask you some follow-up questions that you could hear from curious guests and members to double-check your knowledge. Please don't take this personally. It's just part of the process.


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