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 Touch > Touch > Color ?
 Posted: Feb 29 2016, 10:52 AM



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I've been trying to figure this out for years. Anyone have any insight for me?

I noticed years ago that when I would go to get my eyebrows done at whichever salon, when the beautician would touch around my eyebrows with a certain level of gentleness, I would get a pleasant tingle in my lower back. It felt similar to the sensation you get when you use one of those wire scalp massagers. (In fact, it gives me a similar syn reaction.)

Then, when I felt that tingling in my lower back, I saw a medium silver color (maybe with some white), in little specks, similar to glitter but not as shiny and perhaps a little bit smaller. They appeared in a long cluster around my lower back where the feeling was -- as an associated response.

So does this sound like touch-touch color? Or is getting that first touch sensation normal for having eyebrows done or your scalp massaged with one of those wire massagers? If it's normal, then I guess this is only touch-color.

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